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1/4 mile time for One Lap of America SRT-8

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They just posted results form the 14 mile drag in the One Lap of America race.
the SRT-8 did it in 13.141. Remember, this is a BARELY modified car!
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Well, I don't know about "barely", but the mods to optimize track perfomance in some way offset 1/4 mile, so I would call it representative. Like heavier wheels, the cage, the weight of the fiberglass flares.
SRT8itchy said:
I think cleaned up heads and intake, CAI, gutted cats and removed resonators are more than 'barely modified.' I'm a little disappointed that they couldn't break the 13 second mark with those mods. Perhaps the stock SRTs are really about as good as they can get - and that's not a bad thing.
Nah, not really. Keep in mind, this one event counts for very little in the over all.And the weight gain of the cage and tires and flares negates some of that. Nobodies going to really abuse the car in the 1/4 and risk the overall race. It's viewed as a lark by the guys, really. And these guys are NOT drag strip demons, they are pretty focused on road racing. Just wait til more cars are out there, with more runs. Then we'll see........ More data points equals better data. :)
You can assume it got all the -8s mechanicals.
"That many mods"? "So far beyond stock"? Here's the list

+ It has the entire suspension from a stock Charger SRT-8, which includes 25% stiffer springs and everything that goes with it.

- 295/30-20 tires mounted on 20x10" custom made 3 piece BBS polished rims.

-40mm fiberglass fender flairs, Custom spoiler and front air dam for zero lift.

+Engine is stock 6.1L w/ cleaned up heads and intake manifold.

=Stock exhaust manifold.

+Gutted cats, stock center muffler, and the rear resonators have been removed.

+ Mopar CAI.

=Stock ECU/TCM with cat check disabled.
=Stock brakes with Carbotech XP9 front pads.
=Stock ABS/ESP. The ESP was partially disabled for the wet skid pad.

Theres the list. I agree, it adds variables. But I disagree that it's not representative. But of course, we can't know that til we have more owners run. Wanna bet a public "told ya so"? :) To be paid after, say 15 owner 1/4 mile times.:)

Justs friendly wager:)
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Scott, yep, gutted cats, I really believe them about the ECM. There was talk back when about the SRT-4 they ran in 03, that it was so strong that it had to be a custom cal. Since then, store bought Stage 1s have duplicated it's times.

Same story for Stage 3. Everybody swore that the PCM programming that got the Extreme Lightweight (300-440 less, thanks to one of carbon pieces, lexan side windows, etc) to 11.8 would not be what the public bought.

Surprise, it is. Full weight cars are hitting 11s with very little additional mods.

So, yes, if Eric says it's same programming, I believe them. Not port and polished, "cleaned" is the term they used. They specifically said no porting or polishing.
Casting flash, protrusions, I imagine. And they did say the suspension is %25 stiffer than a stock SRT-8. As I said, only time and more owner slips will tell.

My contention is that it is compparable. See you in August:) By then we should have a represntative number of owner runs. See, I've been down this road before. :)
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