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I have been part of the Hemi crowd since purchasing our 2004 Dodge Ram with the Hemi and it is now a Hemi vehicle you can have the PCM custom tuned for mods. This is a interesting development in my opinion, as the DCX PCM is historically very difficult(plus, DCX rarely gives any help to the aftermarket from what I hear, unlike GM and Ford who provide assistance to some aftermarket vendors).

Anyway, the point of my thread is that we need to follow the truck owners example and push the aftermarket for more research into the PCM. My understanding is that our PCM is the same basic system the 5.7L Hemi LX cars have, so once that one is cracked, it will be a simple switch to do the 6.1L SRTs as well. For anyone making contacts, please ask about SRT8 and LX Hemi platform tuning help and suggest they do it. I now hear Superchips is releasing a 5.7L Hemi LX platform flashpaq very soon, so please keep pushing. The truck PCMs are completely different, but they are fully capable of "custom" tuning them now, not just a programmer.

Also, for the injector thread a few weeks back, our Hemi truck boys have sent a set of 6.1L and 5.7L injectors off for flow testing. I will link that info when it is posted(this week is the ETA on it).

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