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Location - Gloucestershire, England, UK

I need 1 single wheel. I recently bought myself a set of 18" alloy wheels for my car from an "online auction website" I have stored the wheels for 2 months in my shed whilst saving up some cash to buy the 4 tyres. I got my tyres and took them to a tyre fitting centre, all the tyres were going on the rims just fine & when we got to the 4th I realised this one was a 19" rim!

Lots of cash now spent, I feel its best to try and find a 4th wheel for this set.

Please contact me if you can help me out.

Spec listed Below:

18" Diameter
8,5J Width
35 ET/Offset
5x114.3 PCD

I do not know the size of the Centre Bore/DC but its to fit a 2005-2008 "Chrysler Grand Voyager"

As I say, I only need 1 wheel rim, but if you have a pair (2) for sale im sure we can come to an arrangement.

Thanks, Dan
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