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As the title says I have been able to sort out the 100mm throttle body for my setup. Thanks to all who pointed me in the right direction. Now hopefully I am allowed to post this up for anyone that is interested.

I am getting one for my car no matter what and have already discussed this with Arrington who have confirmed that this will happen for me. Obviously they need to R & D this larger unit, however this will not be an issue. It can be done and will be done.

They have given me a price for the single unit which whilst not cheap, is not bad considering the work involved. They did say that if an order for 15-20 was placed the price could come right down.

Now these 100mm throttle bodies ARE NOT a recommended mod for stock 5.7's/6.1's. They will be suited for the big stroker motors, turbo motors (modified) and Supercharged motors (modified). Extensive tuning goes without saying. Manifold modification/new manifold is a must for this. Bolt pattern will be different to that of OEM.

I am getting at least 1 (mine) underway immediately which requires Arrington to start their R & D. When they are ready for the first one to go into production, this is when I need to know if anyone else wants one. Once I have mine, that is it from me.

So if anyone is interested in one of these please let me know. To let you know, if a group buy does go ahead, I have no financial interest or gain out of this, I will not getting paid for this and I won't be given one for for any additional orders placed. Quite simply if I am the only one that gets one then I pay the amount I have already been told. If the minimum amount of orders is reached I will pay the same price as everyone on that quantity met. A 50% deposit is required prior to production to confirm your order and I will try and arrange with Arrington that you pay them directly and not me.
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