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13.6 @ 104

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I ran @ California Speedway this evening.
Car is bone stock + stereo + full 15lb bottle of n2o, except for 1 heat range colder plugs for the nitrous that's being installed.

Temp was about 68, and it was overcast.
Tires were at full pressure, no burnout, traction control on.
California Speedway is 1121.27 ft above sea level.

60 ft 2.151

1/8 8.860 @ 82.40
1/4 13.637 @ 104.11

I'm very happy with these times considering I ran 14.1 @ 98 @ LACR when the car was lighter.

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But so I'm guessing that the nitrous isn't yet active, right? Have you tried with traction control off? I ask because it seems like it's possible in those temps to get 2 flat on the 60ft based on other slips.
I dunno, I haven't done any timed runs, but just from feeling it seemed like the ESP on on this thing is just wayyyyy too invasive. Perhaps ESP "off" (the regular off, not holding for 7 seconds off) is a good compromise?
GAS - Nope. 91 Octane at the pump. Every once in a while you come across a station that has 100 octane, but that's overkill. I could try a mix and see if mph improves.

TEMP - The car's oil temp @ the time of the run was 140. It had been sitting for 2-3 hours and I just drove through staging.

INTAKE TEMPS - That thing (CRY02) is pretty cool but I'll have nitrous soon, that should take care of my intake temps.
Is it 100 or 110? I know 110 is racing (really aviation) gas and not to be used in cars with cats (I've only seen the 110 at a gas station for cars in Detroit, and it had warning labels). Isn't 140 kinda cool for the oil? Hotter oil is thinner oil is more power, no?
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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