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13.6 @ 104

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I ran @ California Speedway this evening.
Car is bone stock + stereo + full 15lb bottle of n2o, except for 1 heat range colder plugs for the nitrous that's being installed.

Temp was about 68, and it was overcast.
Tires were at full pressure, no burnout, traction control on.
California Speedway is 1121.27 ft above sea level.

60 ft 2.151

1/8 8.860 @ 82.40
1/4 13.637 @ 104.11

I'm very happy with these times considering I ran 14.1 @ 98 @ LACR when the car was lighter.

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marlinspike said:
But so I'm guessing that the nitrous isn't yet active, right? Have you tried with traction control off? I ask because it seems like it's possible in those temps to get 2 flat on the 60ft based on other slips.
Nitrous is not active yet. I only had 1 run tonight so I figured that I'd just run it with t/c on. At another track I ran with fuse 17 pulled, lower tire pressure and a burnout but it didn't seem to make much of a difference.

I really believe that the t/c is pretty damn smart. I think it will do a better job of peddling than I will!?!?
GAS - Nope. 91 Octane at the pump. Every once in a while you come across a station that has 100 octane, but that's overkill. I could try a mix and see if mph improves.

TEMP - The car's oil temp @ the time of the run was 140. It had been sitting for 2-3 hours and I just drove through staging.

INTAKE TEMPS - That thing (CRY02) is pretty cool but I'll have nitrous soon, that should take care of my intake temps.
XCITsNU said:
Nitrous won't take care of Heat Soak. Nitrous will allow for more oxygen and fuel in the combustion chamber. The resultant heat of compression (on the compression stroke of the engine) breaks down the nitrous oxide compound into inert nitrogen and frees oxygen available to support the combustion of extra fuel. This means more fuel can be burned than air alone would support. Burning more fuel releases more heat, which creates more expansion of the working fluid (mostly nitrogen) in the cylinder for more pressure on the piston. The result is more power.
The Cyr02 system is designed to dramatically cool the intake air (oxygen) temperature and will help avoid the Heat Soak condition.
You've obviously never had someone crack open a nitrous bottle and spray it on your hand.

edit - lol, I just saw your edit.

I guess my point is, the only time I want this cooler intake charge is when I'm racing, which is not very often.
cbutler32 said:
all you got was 1 run in because of all of the "others" huh?
ok, that sucks.
Thanks for being the guinea pig on that one...
Irwindale is looking like the only option for 1/4 mile times...
Irwindale is an 1/8 mile track. Very sticky, but only 1/8 mile.

The day I went to California Speedway it was a PSCA event......I was the slowest car there. I only signed up for test n tune, which is why I only got the 1 run in.

But, since I was running with 7, 8 & 9 second cars there was plenty of rubber to make the track sticky.

I'm not sure what it's like on a normal night (imports, etc) but I've heard that it's good....just crowded.
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