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13.6 @ 104

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I ran @ California Speedway this evening.
Car is bone stock + stereo + full 15lb bottle of n2o, except for 1 heat range colder plugs for the nitrous that's being installed.

Temp was about 68, and it was overcast.
Tires were at full pressure, no burnout, traction control on.
California Speedway is 1121.27 ft above sea level.

60 ft 2.151

1/8 8.860 @ 82.40
1/4 13.637 @ 104.11

I'm very happy with these times considering I ran 14.1 @ 98 @ LACR when the car was lighter.

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These are good times. Have you read through the two posts I've made on the 12 second runs this week and last yet?

High 13's are the times I saw with close to the same temps as you now have in CA. Now at 56 - 60 degrees, I am seeing times in the low 12.9's. I am from CA and you will need something like this or a Water/Alcohol setup to get rid of the Heat Soaked effect. I will be going this route over the winter, getting ready for next year.
INTAKE TEMPS - That thing (CRY02) is pretty cool but I'll have nitrous soon, that should take care of my intake temps.
Nitrous won't take care of Heat Soak. Nitrous will allow for more oxygen and fuel in the combustion chamber. The resultant heat of compression (on the compression stroke of the engine) breaks down the nitrous oxide compound into inert nitrogen and frees oxygen available to support the combustion of extra fuel. This means more fuel can be burned than air alone would support. Burning more fuel releases more heat, which creates more expansion of the working fluid (mostly nitrogen) in the cylinder for more pressure on the piston. The result is more power.

EDITED: And just in case it comes up Purists will hasten to point out that liquid nitrous oxide in its pressurized container will instantly change state to a vapour when it is depressurised into the engine’s intake system, significantly cooling the intake air for increased density, and that equates to more oxygen in the air too. The downside to this relatively simple and inexpensive method of “supercharging” an engine is that nitrous oxide is consumed at a rapid rate in order to make meaningful power increases. Consequently, nitrous oxide is only injected for short spurts at full throttle, usually lasting no more than 10-15 seconds at a time.

The Cyr02 system is designed to dramatically cool the intake air (oxygen) temperature as well and is really designed for drag applications too since a full bottle will only last about 3.5 minutes of continuos flow and will help avoid the Heat Soak condition. Thus the advantages of a Water / Alcohol set up for a misted spray onto an intercooler setup.
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IGOTTASRT8 - That's a cool site. I gotta book mark that one. :) Thanks. There some cool info on there about all kinds of stuff. Kind of a science buff too, when time allows...
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