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Okay so this flicker has been happening for a couple months now. It started last summer whenever it would rain or get cold. My head lights tails and interior lights will go crazy and flicker on and off? And when changing the light setting to anything else but auto my lights just stay the same? It will not let me turn on my fogs even if I've pressed the button 100 times it's like it has a mind of its own. So if anyone knows what this could be I'd really appreciate it!
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The most common failure point is the headlight switch itself. Since the lights seem to be the only affected components, check the connection to the back of the headlight switch first. Unplug the harness there, check to make sure the connections are clean and not corroded. You may need to replace the switch.

You could check all of your main power connections (+ & - posts at the battery), grounds and the auxiliary post under the hood next to the power center (fusebox) and at the starter. Just make sure they are clean and tight.

You could also check to make sure your battery is in good shape. Get it load tested. Normally a failing battery creates other power problems in addition to the lights so I don't think this is your root cause.

If it still flickers you could have a loose connection of the main harness to the firewall.
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