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Hello everyone i'm Franck,

I have a problem with my 2005 chrysler 300c. I have bought recently a diablosport trinity, idk if its a coincidence but yesterday my car act weird. I think is the mds because on the highway i have the same loud sound that when the mds goes one before (i have a magnaflow exhaust) but it very much louder and it turn on and off and the rpm move a lot even on cruise control. When i floor it the engine is normal and when i release the pedal the mds turn on normaly until it hit the cruise speed. I try cai 91 mds on or off cai 93 mds on or off and stock nothing change.
Its hard to explain so i hope you understand :eeksurprise: . So for now i remove the tuner of my car and put stock tune aswell and i put 89octane but it dont seem to change.

I hope you can help me :) and sorry for my english
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