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Hi all been reading the srt forums for some time now and thought my first post should be a good one enjoy.

2005 Performance West Chrysler 300C Hurst Edition

By Drew Phillips
Photography by the author
June 12, 2005

- History -

The origination of this unique vehicle goes back a full twenty five years with the 1970 Chrysler 300 Hurst. Produced in limited numbers by Chrysler and Hurst, the Hurst 300 could be identified by its fiberglass hood and trunk, Satin Tan leather interior, and its Spinnaker-White paint with gold trim. The 300-H was powered by the 440ci "TNT" V8 that produced 375 hp. The car was produced in limited numbers, and only 500 were made by Chrysler in cooperation with Hurst.

- Exterior -

With the recent return of the 300, the Performance West Group of Southern California, in cooperation with DaimlerChrysler and Hurst, has built a unique
car that is a modern interpretation of the classic Chrysler muscle car. Design cues from the original 300 Hurst can be seen in the 2005 model, but with a much more modern look. The car is painted in a custom "White Pearl" with Gold Pearl trim, a one-off job by the House of Kolor that was inspired by the original. Massive 22" two-piece Oasis Alloy wheels replace the stock wheels, wrapped with Toyo tires. A B-Cool Billet chrome grill and bold "Hurst Edition" badges found on each fender round of the list of exterior enhancements.

- Interior -

For the interior Performance West covered the seats with White Pearl leather with Gold Top stitching to match the exterior of the car. Adding to the Hurst theme, the car also received "Hurst Edition" monogrammed carpet mates as well as a Hurst shifter that allows the
driver to shift the 5-speed Autostick transmission in style. Lastly, a custom Boston Acoustics sound system was added. The rest of the interior remains stock, which still has a sense of elegance that is due to features like the California walnut trim and eight-way power seats that came with the car.

- Performance -

Not wanting to be outdone by the original 300 Hurst's 375-hp V8, Performance West boosted the power output of the 5.7-liter Hemi V8 with the addition of a
Kenne Bell Optimizer II engine management system as well as a Magnaflow catback exhaust system with four inch stainless steel exhaust tips. While straight line performance might be close between the two Hursts, the new 2005 Hurst will surely handle better than the older version. The already-capable suspension has been improved with Eibach 1.5" lowering springs and Hotchkis
Performance sway bars. To compensate for the few extra horsepower, Performance West added 13.5" brakes with 3-piston calipers and slotted rotors from the Stainless Steel Brakes Corp.

- A Production Version? -

Performance West gave the car such a clean look that it looks like Chrysler could have built it themselves. With the possible exception of the huge chrome rims, the car truly does look like you could find it in a showroom. In fact,

chrome rims, the car truly does look like you could find it in a showroom. In fact, Performance West founder Larry Weiner hinted that Chrysler is considering building a production version that would be built in limited numbers. Whether or not that happens, Performance West has still built a car that celebrates the 300's past and modern design, power, and success.

I myself think this info is great because if they do go through with this for sure they will consider a charger hurst, what do you guys think?


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Well . . . .

1st of all - welcome to the forum.

However, the car has a nice paint and interior job, but has already been outdated by being built out of a 300C instead of an SRT-8. They really need to start over and try again using an SRT-8.

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Welcome to the forum as well...

In addition, this car is 'old history' (done last year) and has since been updated with a redesigned hood which was initially suggested back in February and again today via a thread by one of our supporting vendors 'RKSport'. Thanks for taking the time to post the article and welcome aboard.
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