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Could someone verify how long the engine oil dipstick is for an 2006 5.7L 300C should be. Mine measures 25-7/8" from tip to the shoulder that sits on the dipstick tube.

Mine broke off at the handle, and I ordered a new one (made sure it was for an AWD not RWD). I must have thrown away the broken one before I received the new one, so I couldn't compare. It has PN 53013835AA stamped into the metal. That number seems to be correct, but something just doesn't feel quite right.

I just changed the oil and put 7 qts back in. The oil level is still reading just above the MIN on the new dipstick. I don't think it took a full 7 qts to get to MAX with the old dipstick.

I just want to make sure I got the right dipstick and am running the engine at the right oil level.


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