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Hey guys,
I have a 2006 Chrysler 300c with JBA Longtube headers that I dropped a 6.1 in. Currently running 93 diablo tune and have a dyno tune scheduled on Monday the 8th of March and today is Thursday the 4th of March. Yesterday I swapped my alternator before going to get smogged because my car would not hold a charge, when finished I seemed to have regained power that I had felt I had lost. At a stop light about 7-8 minutes into my drive to get the car smogged I heard a loud “POP POP” as my 300 was backfiring. Didn’t pay much attention to it because I’ve heard it backfire some other times before. At the gas station I swap my tune from 93 to stock before heading to the smog shop. That’s when things got extremely rough. I noticed upon first start with the stock tune the car idled extremely rough and would shut itself down in low rpm, I started to smell a great amount of gas as well so I pulled the car forward and got out. There from where I just had moved the car was a puddle of gasoline. So at the point I’m not sure what the issue is so I decide to take the car back home. The car was driving rough, shaking quite a bit, and spitting gasoline out the mufflers along with a Whiteish smoke. Put the diablo tune back on and now it doesn’t leak as much fuel as it previously was and it did not shake like it was before. Maybe the car just needs a real dyno tune? Timing is definitely off. Still blowing smoking out exhaust and still a heavy fuel smell. The Image attached is a picture i took of the exhaust pipe with the liquid just sitting in there after I started it and let it run for about 6 minutes. Not quite sure what’s going on , just want to make sure it is nothing bad that will stop me from getting my car dyno tuned. Excited to add the bigger injectors so i can run the e85 fuel.
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