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Hello everybody, I have a 2006 300 touring, 3.5 and am having issues with it Recently. I just bought the car and it ran fine but needed a drive shaft, I bought a driveshaft and had someone install.. a few days later I’m going to leave the driveway and the car just all the sudden slows to a stop and just revs like it’s in neutral. The codes are shooting p0037 p0038 p0058. I bought an o2 sensor and put it on but it’s still running rich. I haven’t changed the other one yet.. The funny thing is that when it’s cold and you start it up it will engage the gears fine. But then about a minute or so later, it seems like it looses the gear and just revs. Yes it has transmission fluid and it’s at a perfect level.. I was thinking maybe the throttle body? But then I have read about the cars going into limp mode but this doesn’t let you “limp” home if your stuck in neutral. I also thought it was maybe the map sensor; and hell i thought I’d buy it just to see.. i put it on and took the cable off the negative on the battery and let it sit for awhile. Then started it back up, same thing.. so I was thinking maybe it’s a wiring issue or some type of sensor that’s bad? But then the codes aren’t showing for it.. I do have a code reader it’s alittle cheap one from Walmart but it pretty much does the job for what you need. Also there is this zinging/whining sound sometimes when you start the car and then it will go away, I thought it was coming from the throttle body but it sounds like it’s coming from the back of the engine.. I’m hoping this is not my transmission. It even does the sound in neutral..

Do ya think that the car would shift fine for the first minute after starting if this was the transmission? Also the car now has alittle shake to it but I’m thinking that’s from the 02 sensor I need to replace but she dang sure is running rich..

Im stumped and irritated. I really like the car and she runs real good when she is running property lol.
Someone help..

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