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2007 300 SRT8 Fuel Pumps

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So I was commuting to the train station, got into the parking lot, pulled into a space and the car stalled. Tried to restart and cranked well but no fire. AAA towed it to the Dealer later that day.

Tech found fuel pump dead. I had replaced one side already in 2019 but this time the other fuel pump failed. Tech replaced both fuel pumps claiming the one they installed in 2019 was wired wrong (it ran fine for almost four years). Two fuel pumps installed with a new gasket. Got the car back with just over 3/4 of a tank of gas - I had filled it up the night before I commuted.

Total cost $1900 split between parts and labor.
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there is a star publication for the gas tanks due to a failed vent in the tank that will cause the vehicle to stall when the tank is above 3/4 full.. also the wiring was changed in the older vehicles to use the newer fuel pumps and that requires the old harness to be re pinned/spliced with a new connector. takes like 10 min to re wire. also this is a general star publication. would need vin to verify if it is covered....

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