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I previously owned a 2006 300C which I just loved, but I traded it last year for a 2008 300C LWB which I had been searching for some 7-years.

One thing that I really appreciated in my '06 was putting the EVIC into diagnostic mode and utilizing the large digital speedometer, as the pointer needle on the analog gauge was difficult to see, especially back-lit during night time driving.

The '08 also has the same hidden EVIC menu, however much to my chagrin, the large digital speedometer doesn't register any just stays at 0 MPH. After a bit of research, I learned that none of the '08 EVIC's did in the '08 instrument cluster (perhaps on the '09-'10 as well?). Moreover, there appeared to be no definitive resolution to address a fix.

After (too much) research, I've determined that the fix is to have the CCN (cabin controller node) updated to the latest software. The old version of the software was v610.h dated 04/23/07 (part # 05172122AE).

Speedometer Measuring instrument Gauge Vehicle Auto part

After a visit to the dealership, I paid to have the CCN (and every other controller) updated to the latest software version. The updated version of the CCN software is v612.j dated 10/29/08 (part # 05172122AH).

Speedometer Odometer Gauge Measuring instrument Auto part

And after that update - VOILA!

Measuring instrument Gauge Speedometer Tachometer Auto part

At the same time, I also had the PCM, TCM, and AMP software updated. The annoying shaky/vibration I was experiencing at low speeds/RPMs when the MDS kicked-in is now considerably muted - nearly undetectable. The car now shifts at highway speeds much more comfortably as well.

The service advisor also advised there was a software update for the stereo amplifier as well (I had no idea). After that amplifier software update the Boston stereo just came to LIFE! Significantly improved sound depth and volume.

Fortunately, after many telephone calls to several area dealership service departments, I was able to locate a dealership/service advisor who listens to my concerns and would apply (all) software updates to every module applicable. (Many dealers either were reluctant to apply the updates unless I cited a specific issue, or just gave me a blank stare). Tate Chrysler in Glen Burnie listened to my concerns, read the research I provided to them, and were happy to accommodate me. That said, if you're wanting to get your CCN, PCM, AMP, or other module software updated, it may take a few phone calls to find a dealer that will accommodate.

For reference, if you put your EVIC into diagnostic mode, and scrolls to the current version of your EVIC/CCN software, any of these listed part #'s can be updated to this latest version:
  • 05172122AA
  • 05172122AB
  • 05172122AC
  • 05172122AD
  • 05172122AE
  • 05172122AF
  • 05172122AG

If you get a dealership service department/advisor that is clueless, you can reference any of these Chrysler TSB's:
  • 08-004-09
  • 08-029-08
  • 08-030-08
  • 08-031-08

Hope this helps out some of you.
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