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:scared:***IT'S MOPAR NATIONALS TIME!!!***:scared:

Who is going??? Would be very cool if we can all meet up somewhere before heading into the Nationals, then we would be able to park together as well.

What: 28th Annual Mopar Nationals
When: Friday, August 8, 2008 - Sunday, August 10, 2008
Time: Friday, Saturday, Sunday 8am-6pm
Where: National Trail Raceway, Columbus, OH
Mopar Nats Home
Mopar Nationals Information HotLine (313) 278-2240
National Trail Raceway (740) 928-5706

National Trail Raceway is about 20 miles east of Columbus Ohio on old US Highway 40, one mile north of Interstate I-70 at the Kirkersville exit.

Who :ALL Mopars and Mopar Enthusiasts

The Stuff to Know:

  • Anybody that wants to caravan out together to the Mopar Nats...
    *If you plan on rolling out there with us, let me know so we don't leave without you!!!

  • Friday, 8/8, meeting @ 9am (Hooter's Parking Lot-5901 East Main Street, Columbus, OH, 43213) rolling out by 9:30am-10am to Nats

  • Saturday, 8/9, meeting @ 8am (Hooter's Parking Lot-5901 East Main Street, Columbus, OH, 43213) rolling out by 8:30am to Nats
    (If you are late, we will see ya there!!! Traffic will be crazy so must leave on time.)

  • Brice Road Cruise, Friday, 8/8 - 7pm-11pm
    *We are meeting at Hooter's on E.Main at 5:30-6pm (or earlier)

  • Mopar Super Cruise, Saturday, 8/9 - 7pm-11pm
    On Saturday night August 9th, Mopar Nationals in conjunction with the town of Heath will feature a Cruise night for the participants in downtown area. Hundreds of unique Chrysler Corporation cars (Dodge, Plymouth, AMC) will ascend on Heath to cruise S.R. 79 between 30th St and Hopewell Road. Every imaginable type of car will be represented including hot rods, antiques, customs, muscle cars, and trucks
    *We are meeting at BW3's in Heath at 5-5:30pm (or earlier)

  • Suggested Packing List
    • Digital Camera/Video Camera
    • Spare Batteries/Memory Cards/Charger/Cable to unload pictures
    • Car wash/detail supplies: Quick Detail Spray, Windshield Cleaner, Towels, etc.
    • Proof of insurance, auto registration
    • Sign to post on/near your car (first name, screen name, mods, etc.)

    • Cooler for cold 'drinks' and snacks
    • Canvas/Folding Chairs
    • Bottled water
    • Food/Snacks/Energy Drinks for the drive/cruises
    • Specialty magazines to share with others
    • Notebook w/ pencil for info you may want to write down
    • Hand sanitizer
    • Ear plugs (drag races will be loud)
    • Jumper cables
    • Cards/Poker Chips
    • Tent/Canopy
    • Litter bag

    • Cash/Credit Cards
    • Radar Detector
    • Medical insurance card (in case of accident)
    • Hangover or allergy remedies
    • Sunscreen
    • Sunglasses
    • Umbrella
    • Laptop to unload/upload digital pictures
    • Maps (state/local map/event maps)
    • 2-Way radios (you'll spend more on your cell phone bill than an inexpensive set)

    • If you are near a scheduled service / maintenance, recommend getting it done before you go. Our cars are not likely to break down, but it certainly won't hurt, especially if you are overdue.

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Who's Riding Out There Together?

List of forum members planning to attend:

All Weekend
  1. "turbobuckeye" - Anthony - TorRed Daytona - Columbus, OH
  2. "OMSRT8" - Sam - 300C SRT8, Lancaster, OH
  3. "radpacv" - Scott & Rachael - GoManGo Daytona - MI
  4. "WGK" - Will - Magnum R/T - Lawrenceburg, KY (Fri/Sat)
  5. "DanaM" - Dana - Charger R/T - Columbus, OH
  6. "WEWSRT8" - Walter - Charger SRT8 - Daytona, OH (Sat/Sun)
  7. "bee0912" - Keith - Ram 1500 Rumble Bee - Columbus, OH
  8. "04bluesrt4" - Indianapolis, IN
  9. "tedsweet" - Ted - Upstate NY
Friday Only
  1. "78street" - 78 Aspen Street Kit Car - Southern OH
Saturday Only
  1. "WLYBSB08" - Charger 3.5L - Firelands, OH
  2. "sublime 781" - Ken & Connie - Sublime Daytona - Lancaster, OH
  3. "OrangeRT" - Sublime Daytona - OH
  4. "toledocapitals" - Bill - Charger R/T - Toledo, OH
  5. "SXT07CBUSOH" - Charger 3.5L - Powell, OH (Cruise)
  6. "Kevan" - Kevan - SRT10 - New Albany, OH (Cruise)
  7. "WAZZSUP" - Tom - Blown 426 Charger (Cruise)
Sunday Only
  1. "glory1270" - Doug - Magnum SXT, OH

More People: 2008 Mopar Nationals - August 8,9,10 - Columbus, Ohio - LX Forums Modern Mopar Muscle
More People: 2008 Mopar Nationals - August 8,9,10 - Columbus, Ohio - Dodge Charger Forums

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LX group pics from last year......

Pics from last year! (below)
Everybody on time and ready to caravan to Mopar Nats.

At the gate of the Mopar Nats

LX gang taking an afternoon siesta

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