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Hi Guys,
i was hoping someone may have experienced this problem before and can advise, as the dealers in Australia haven't even played with Mygig yet, they have no idea what may be causing this problem or any possible solutions...

The car is the 2008 series 2 SRT8 with Mygig standard. it is brand new (received it Thursday just gone). it is an REP, which i know is different to your RER's, but the problem should be the same, just the mapping should be different. anway, it had ver 9.1 something softeware on it, which i have had updated to the latest 9.5 something, which didn't help. the problem has been there since receiving the car.

the problem is, when the car is first unlocked and you turn the ignition to accessories and set the navigation to take you somewhere, all is well, the nav voice prompt comes through the left hand side front speaker and mutes the radio in the process while the lady speaks. after starting the car, instead of the lady speaking being loud and the radio being soft, the lady speaking comes through the right hand front speaker very soft and the radio comes through the left hand front speaker really loud. i have duplicated this problem every time. i have tried turning the car on then entering the details into the nav, same problem. obviously as the mygig doesn't go to sleep for a few minutes after the ignition is turned off and the drivers door opens, it takes a while to keep trying scenarios, and if the mygig doesn't go to sleep, the problem persists until it does, but even after it sleeps, as soon as the car is started, the voice goes soft and the music load... i was wondering if it may be a voltage drop issue when the vehicle is started and it screws up the communication between the nav and the radio boards internally in the Mygig... i really don't know, but hope someone else might...

thanks in advance for any suggestions/ideas.
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