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Hi Everybody

I don't know anybody who has this type of problem before.

I have 2009 300 c 5.7 last week I went 400 km to another city. The speed limit is 140 km /h on the highway. nearly 2 hours I continued with this speed. after 120 km second carburetor starting the work. Somebody sitting in the backside they start to say this area hot very much. I check below seat gas tank was very hot also I can not touch exhaust. But car going good no engine issue no engine overheating. Before the system gives alarms about catalytic converters. I ask some mechanics but they can not say the exact thing. 1 month before i changed the gas pump and filter. Inside the city, I don't have this type of issue before.

Anybody has an idea or experience of this type of issue.

Thank you.
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