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Okay so this is going to be a bit of a longish one, but I just wanna make sure I include any relevant details.
So I recently aquired a 2009 Chrysler 300 , the 2.7. So originally the guy I bought it from said that he was driving it up a hill when it just "shut off". His words. What he meant was that the engine stalled while the lights and radio remained on. When he attempted to restart the car, he heard a clicking noise as though the battery was dead, and that was it. He said that he did not attempt to jumpstart it because apparently he didn't want to mess it up any further.
My initial thought was "lol this guy's got a bad alternator, total score!" He did not mention until the paperwork was filled out and money exchanged that when it stalled , there was first a "clunking" noise. Not sure if that's even going to be relevant anyways.
I tried charging the battery , advanced auto parts told me it wouldn't hold a charge. But when I went ahead and charged it at home it held a charge but would only charge up to 12.9. I also tried other batteries as well as jumpstarting. It definitely sounded like it wanted to start but did not.
Given the sound I was hearing when trying to start I figured maybe bad compression.
I checked the compression and cylinder #5 has ZERO compression, but the other cylinders are all fine. So as far as I'm aware it should still start. But it wouldn't.
Looked at the throttle body and saw that it was FILTHY. I'm talking plate stuck shut filthy. Cleaned that, as well as the MAF sensor. Realized the gas was bad as it had been sitting for 10 months. Drained the fuel tank and lines, replaced with premium gas, and the proper amount of fuel system cleaning solution according to the directions on the bottle.
This seemed to help , it sounded a lot better. But still no start and still sounded a bit wrong.
Realized it could be the crankshaft position sensor, so I replaced that. It immediately sound a million times better and wanted so badly to start. I realized I didn't clean the mass air flow sensor yet so I took that out to clean it and it was just as filthy as the throttle body, no surprise there. So I cleaned that and put it back. Now it sounds right as far as the timing and everything but sounds as though its not getting any fuel sent through the system. But if I pump the gas pedal while trying to start it will eventually "cough" for lack of a better word, as though its getting a little bit of fuel, but not enough to start and not consistently. I'm getting really frustrated, does anyone have any idea what could be wrong and what I could do to fix it? Hoping for an easy fix. (though obviously a temporary one given the condition of cylinder #5.)
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