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Hi folks. I just got this 300C (5.7). Mostly in good shape, just a few issues, the clearest being that the cruise control does not work at all. I do see the "ACC Unavailable" message show up, so this ain't exactly a shock.

I threw a code reader on and the only code I get is U0104, which is apparently, Data bus, cruise control module - no communication.
So that all makes sense. The issue is I am unfamiliar with the car and can't seem to find some reliable info on the cruise system. I got ahold of a PDF that is allegedly the factory service manual for this model car, but in the DTCs, it skips right over this code! Goes from U0019 right to U0141, so no diagnostic chart :(.

I do see the ACC sensor in the front. It's not quite fixed, it's loose/moves on one side. I know for a fact this car had a front-end accident in 2012, so it might very well be that it broke that sucker then and was never replaced. If that's it I'm fine with it, but I don't wanna guess with a part that pricey.

So my questions are essentially around these topics:
  • What are the components/possible causes/diagnostic procedures for the cruise system on this car?
  • Is there just a "vanilla"/non-adaptive cruise, or is it all bundled into that beasty radar sensor on the front, such that one light goes out they all go out?
Thanks in advance for any assistance. 😃
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