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Car was off the road for a couple of months
The battery went flat , so charged it up but the red thunder bolt lightning symbol was showing on the dash

Read the code and it was showing
P0403 EGR control circuit/open

I cleared the fault but it came back on a little later ( car drove ok )

Have parked the car up as I am using another car ,

Thought now the weather is getting better I would try and sort it out
While reading / clearing the codes it also has just thrown up a P0489 code , as well as the P0403 code , but since clearing them it has not shown back up .

Have checked the thick wire that touches the ac pipes , the black protective cover has worn through a little in 2 places where it touches the ac pipes , but wires themselves dont appear to be damaged.

Have checked the voltage on the egr valve connector and have 3.3v / 12v / and ground
Whats the next thing to check

I was going to remove and have a look at the egr valve , I removed the 2 bolts I could see , but seems to be stuck solid ?
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