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2014 Chrysler 300 SRT8, getting new engine.

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Six months ago I purchased a 2014 Chrysler 300 SRT8 has 74k miles on it. It came with some aftermarket camshafts, headers and exhaust, It was also custom tuned. I know it has corsa exhaust but that's all the information on the aftermarket parts I have. I ran the VIN number and found it had recalls for transmission, air bag and evap canister er something with fuel door or something. I spent a lot of cash on this ride do I thought it would be wise to bring it in for the recalls. Drove like a dream and sounded amazing when I dropped it off. The dealership called me a few days later saying it barely runs and sounds like crap. ( They were bozoe's) We brought it to a speed shop because we thought they deleted the tuning and that was the issue. Then the speed shop said there is something really wrong with this we ain't working on it. Brought it to a different Chrysler dealership than the first one and they found metal shavings all throughout the engine and broken lifters. Now it's getting replaced. WTF, how did this happen to my engine? Somebody said the cylinder deactivation code was deleted for the aftermarket camshafts and when they started it with the code it broke the lifters. What do you think? It has been a Nightmare....
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