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Hello everyone, I am new to this forum and looking for help with my car problem. I have had this car for past 6 years with no issues what so ever. Two days ago driving back home from work, I stop by Walmart and when I came out my car didn't start. I will try to describe the problem best I can because I have not seen this before.

When I push the start button without using the break to turn on, it will turn on the acc, so I do get my normal things like radio, lights, dashboard instruments like it should. If I hit the push start again without pressing the break it goes into the last phase where I get all acc turn on including my AC although because the car is turn off no cold air. Again all works like it should, but the moment I press the break and push start (run)to turn car on, it does not turn on. In addition, all lights including dashboard flicker on and off, my RMP/MPH gauges go to the top/max and then as they come back down to 0 they do it in a clicking step down. Some times it does it once, some times it does it couple times like a repeated cycle until i push the start button again to turn off.

I have check my battery, fuses, relays, nothing seem out of the ordinary. I did notice a check engine light on so I ran the codes. This is what I get code $07E8 under this I get the following codes P0222, P0600, P2122, P2127, and P0123. The other code I get is $07E9 under this I get P1DF3 & U1267. I have looked into these, talks about the throttle, the serial communication, shifter and transmission can module.

These are a lot of codes and I dont believe all this is defective, I am siding more with maybe the ECM/PCM whatever is called computer module could possible gone bad? Any help will be greatly appreciated. If anyone knows the part number and where the computer is located so I can check it. Or if you have suggestions of what else to check or what can it be, please let me know. I want to leave as my last resort taking it to the dealer.
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