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20's or 22's (Which Should I Get)

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If I keep my car & dont trade it in I wanna buy some rims but dont know if I should get 20's or 22's. I know 22's look better but will they ride better. To be honest i'll like 22's over 20's but i'll be on kinda a budget. I might pay upto $1,500 for a set.

Please post opinions.

Thanks Nick

P.S. I'll be buying these rims come like March. Gonna break them out for the spring.
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Stay with the 20's

Zinik Mazotti Z-12 20 x 9

245/45 ZR 20 F 1 GY super car tires
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I agree

mikew2069 said:
I've never heard anyone mention this argument, but it's always been in the back of my mind (I think I was just in denial). In person, 22s DO kinda look odd on the C doesn't it? I used to have 22s on my bagged F-150 and they looked fantastic in person, but the Cs that I've seen in person w/ 22s kinda look funny. Almost like they are too big (is that possible?). To me, it's more the front end that looks a little off.

I don't know. This is why I'm still deciding. I've come so close a couple of times at pulling the trigger and ordering my wheels but just CAN'T decide b/t 20s or 22s. . . . I guess I'm in the same boat as you :mad: . . . . .

The wheels base goes all the way out to the front facia and the larger wheels do look too big. It looks even bigger when the car is lowered. I think the car rides much better with the 20's. I rode in a c with 22's and it is not the same.
And snce the SRT8 comes OEM with 20's, that must be saying something.
Thank you

NDENT said:
Looking good Chasb.
She's my new baby
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