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20's or 22's (Which Should I Get)

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If I keep my car & dont trade it in I wanna buy some rims but dont know if I should get 20's or 22's. I know 22's look better but will they ride better. To be honest i'll like 22's over 20's but i'll be on kinda a budget. I might pay upto $1,500 for a set.

Please post opinions.

Thanks Nick

P.S. I'll be buying these rims come like March. Gonna break them out for the spring.
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20's or 22's

Just went for a oil change today. Afterward I asked the service guy what he thought of the 300's and if there were any problems that he was seeing with them. The guy said he liked the 300 but said "don't put 22's on the car". He went on to say that he is seeing 300's coming in with tranny problems as a result of the increased tire size. Something having to do with the car's computer and it not putting out the correct torque. He also stated that it voids your warrantee. I asked about 20's also. He said to stay with 18" wheels. I'm cured.
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