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Here's some thing to consider for those anxious to lower their ride....
10 months and 20,000 miles later I finally got the 22x9.5 wheels I total dig, wrapped with Nitto 420s in 265x35x22 rides great even at 100 miles an hour....

Before I purchased these my buddy put some 22" Ziniks with 265x35x22 tires on his 300C...I noticed his car seemed to ride a bit higher than mine...At the time I had TIS-03 with the same size tire 265x35. We measured and my 300C rode about 3/8" lower than his up front. We never measured the rear..that was 4000 miles ago...

NOW...I have a different set of wheels and tires and feel that my springs have settled even more..remember my car has just over 20,000 miles on it now. Still love it, even more now with these wheels on.

I had purchased a set of the Mopar lowering springs but canceled because I don't feel the need to lower it anymore. I like the SOFTER ride, and the height so why lower it..Its my car so I decide. You tell me?
You may want to re-consider lowering, because your car may "LOWER ITSELF WITH TIME"

I think its called "spring sag"


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Car Looks Great. It Does Sit Low In The Rear Without Springs.
The Front Could Come Down Some So You Have A Small Rake To It.
These Cars Look The Best With A Little Rake To Them. It Gives A Pro
Street Look And Some Attitude. The Body Lines On The Car Are Decieving
So Be Careful Not To Have The Back Level With The Front. It Needs To Be
Slightly Higher In The Back.
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