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22" Black KMC Backseat's????

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In my neverending search to find the perfect black rim for my brilliant black beauty, I think Ive come across a wheel that actually fits my criteria-
reasonably priced, unique, and from a reputable manufacturer (as opposed to 'ebay' rims).

Check them out:
http://www.discountedwheelwarehouse...132731&InfoID=2505&ShowLarge=True&SnipID=3010 I talked to the guy at and he said that these rims "are on a boat in the middle of the ocean and will not be here for another 4 weeks". Kinda sounds like bullshit to me, but anyhow Im not waiting that long. I found them on a couple other sites on the net but could not find any information regarding their offset or lug pattern (they appear to be an 8 lug in the pic....odd?)

Does anyone know anything about these rims if they will fit the RWD C? And also if KMC wheels are made according to the order? I tried sending an email directly to KMC inquiring but I dont anticipate to recieve a response anytime soon, hence Im turning to you guys! They are definatly a serious looking wheel and the lip looks HUGE on them!

Just to make sure.....I want to order them in a 5x115 lug pattern with an offset of +15 to +20 with some 265/35/22 (pirelli) tires for proper fitment?

Will the 22x10 size also fit? Im not sure what the 10 means, I think its the width correct?

Thanks in advance guys for any info regarding these rims! I havent seen anyone on here with them on yet.

If for some reason I can not get these, Ive narrowed my 2nd choice down to these:
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Both choices are sweet, but I would go with #1. Post pics when you get them on.
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