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22" Black KMC Backseat's????

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In my neverending search to find the perfect black rim for my brilliant black beauty, I think Ive come across a wheel that actually fits my criteria-
reasonably priced, unique, and from a reputable manufacturer (as opposed to 'ebay' rims).

Check them out:
http://www.discountedwheelwarehouse...132731&InfoID=2505&ShowLarge=True&SnipID=3010 I talked to the guy at and he said that these rims "are on a boat in the middle of the ocean and will not be here for another 4 weeks". Kinda sounds like bullshit to me, but anyhow Im not waiting that long. I found them on a couple other sites on the net but could not find any information regarding their offset or lug pattern (they appear to be an 8 lug in the pic....odd?)

Does anyone know anything about these rims if they will fit the RWD C? And also if KMC wheels are made according to the order? I tried sending an email directly to KMC inquiring but I dont anticipate to recieve a response anytime soon, hence Im turning to you guys! They are definatly a serious looking wheel and the lip looks HUGE on them!

Just to make sure.....I want to order them in a 5x115 lug pattern with an offset of +15 to +20 with some 265/35/22 (pirelli) tires for proper fitment?

Will the 22x10 size also fit? Im not sure what the 10 means, I think its the width correct?

Thanks in advance guys for any info regarding these rims! I havent seen anyone on here with them on yet.

If for some reason I can not get these, Ive narrowed my 2nd choice down to these:
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no one has any more info/imput on these rims?

Perhaps I shouldve titled the post "this.....or this?" and i wouldve gotten more of a response, lol.
hey M&M.....thanks man. although they have good prices and seem to be a reputable site i wouldnt doubt that their customer service is lacking. i made a similar mistake as you when purchasing rims from my old car offline....they took almost 6 months to get here!

anyways, i agree with you guys, the lug patterns worry me and i would not purchase these without making sure they were 5x115 with the proper offset, this includes making sure they are not "redrilled" so i dont hafta worry about stress fractures

im waiting for both DVS and KMC to respond back to me about these rims prior to me purchasing them. im probably going to shop around or have them recommend me a vendor that has the rims in stock so i dont hafta to deal with the BS from

anyone else know any good/legit wheel sites that would perhaps have these in stock?
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1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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