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22" wheel alignment needed?

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Do you have to get an alignment when you put 22" wheels on? Someone told me that you only need to get an alignment when you change the suspension, but not if you just add bigger wheels or tires. Any opinions?
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I just added 22s last week an my ride is shaky does a alignment help with a tire rebalance does that take care of the shaking thanks
So alignment an a load balance. Just tell them to load balance
Actually it don't hope while breaking. An it don't pull while driving its just real Shakey while driving it will smooth out then shake again
Ok thanks I will do that today or tomorrow I can't stand this shake j got going
Is this also refered to as a road force balance. Guy on the phone said it will still viberate
Ok the place I bought them from said the wheels were already balanced but I will call another rim shop today an see if they can help me more
1 - 6 of 16 Posts
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