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How many of you are using either a spacer or hubrings?

22" wheel/tire owners please let me know if...

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Ok I was at a small weekly cruise in at the MceeDees in Scottsdale, a couple members were there but not as many as I was hoping - I asked them this...

Were they running spacers, hubcentric rings or items like this to make the wheels fit and not shake. 2 said yes, and one said no.

As you know I am in the market for new wheels again due to the wrong fitment, but I can't find any that I love. I though that since the TIS 07 was designed for this car that they should just bolt on and go.

The member with the 22" TIS 07s said he got the "shakes" with his above 65 mph and had to take it in to the local wheel shop for some hubrings and the problem was fixed. I am going to go down there this week and see if they can get rid of the shaking with either the rings, and a balace or something...
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I could be wrong but the TIS wheel is not made for the car. Originally they were doing all kinds of tricks to fit them to the car. That might have changed since then. Here's my take on it. If the the TIS rims don't fit perfect then shame on DUB and TIS for misleading people. Every car they show has them on. You really should look into it, just to be a 100% for sure.
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