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22" Wheels

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The more and more I see the 300 rollin on 22’s, the more and more I like it. Please can anyone comment of the quality of the ride, on say some 22’s and/or 20's on 40’s series tires? I’m sure that compared to the stock the stock set up it must be brutal, but is it that much of a PITA? What do y’all think?

Thanks for any insight for any of you ballers thats got it like dat. :D

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Just from the aspect that miniumum sidewalls equal hard ride IMHO in would only do 20" for a daily driver. That is a plus 2 upgrade. A Plus-4 upgrade seems a little extreme. Those 22" are for show cars and really unnecessary. Mainly for looks and braggin rights. :D
I agree completely with E55 KEV. I think there is plenty enough sidewall to justify a 20" wheel. 22"+ on the other hand may look nice, but the ride quality sacrifice from small sidewall and added mass from the larger wheel, will make you regret the ride quality and money spent on the large fancy chrome wheels. Be careful if you have never done this before (go to plus sized wheels, that is). I personally will not even go to 20" wheels until I can verify the new wheel/tire combo is not heavier than the factory 18" wheel/tire combo. That is why in an earlier post I have asked for those privaledged few current owners to pull a wheel of and throw it on a scale for a ball park weight.
I really like the factory wheels in 20s. 20x8 up front with Continental 245/45/20s and 20x9 with 275/40/20 in the rear ;)


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New 22" for my C

I have some Helo Cash 22x9.5" on 285/30/22 Dunlop 9000's that should be here by the weekend. We tried some Nitto 555 285/35/22's and they were just a bit too high (rubbed just a bit on the arm). The closest thing available for the 22's that matches our current diameter is the 285/30/22 and it is only available in the $$$ Dunlop or some Kuhmo and Goodyear truck tires.
What about the Pirelli 265/35/22's? Im pretty sure those will work as well
Extremely tight and also on Back-Order for who knows... They are like .65" higher than OEM and ther is only .65" (from my calculations) from the damn arm. Better safe than sorry if you ask me....
Man everytime I see that shot with those 22" TIS 03's I wanna cry... looks amazing.
Do you think 20x10.5 w/some 315/35/20s will work on the rear w/the right offset?

I was hoping to do that, w/20x9, 275/40/20s for the front (exact height as factory wheel/tires).
Pics of new 22" wheels >>>>

They are Helo Cash 22x9.5 +20 offset and have Dunlop Sport 9000 285/30/22 for shoes. I am impressed with the ride, although it is not as nice as the 18's it is suprisingly still smooth. I guess it is in the tires. Anyways here are the pics...


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Those look very nice I bet youre smiling right now!!
I have the same rims on my 2003 exp., I must say they look very good on your ride!
They look great, how much did it set you back? any idea on the weight vs stock weight.
hot, hot, hot

Aspendog, first of all, that looks pretty dang hot, don’t listen to anything negative that anyone might say on this board or anywhere else for that matter. If we had a rides section where I could vote for your car, I would. I have so many questions, I hope you don’t mind answering them. Did you lower your car also? Do you think that you can get away with 22” on 40 series tires? Any rubbing during normal everyday driving, I mean like speed bumps?

What other mods are you thinking about, how about that Bentley style grille?
Thanks for the compliments. Car is not lowered yet, 40 series will not work because of the suspension up front. I am after a new grill, springs, few performance mods, and few wood trim pieces.
It is nice. Is that front tire completely in the wheel well? It appears to be sticking out. I have a feeling that it will be difficult to use any tire wider than 245 if the car is lowered.

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it is just inside the well. Should be ok with a .08 drop.
22" Sequence SQ-2's

What do you guys think of these? 22x9" (Front) 22x10" (Rear) with 4" deep outer lip. It's a multi-piece wheel with a forged rim bolted to the inside.


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