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K, so I got mounted yesterday... My wheels that is... went with the 22's and IMO, I think the ride quality is smoother... no shakes, or anything (knock on wood B4 I jinx it).

It rained yesterday and the car was covered in tree spuddlings today so I'm giving it a quick rinse tomorrow and I'll post some pics.


Maybe it's related to the rims, maybe not... but my passenger airbag warning light (pawl, to damn long to type that out again) cam on today. It was fine all day yesterday and even today til I got off from work. all I did was put my purse on the seat... and no, I'm not one of those suit case lugging biatches... all I have is a small over the shoulder sak type thing. I read through some forums and I am assuming the only way to "fix" this is to have the dealer recalibrate? Anyone know how much this will run me? LOL, to make give it a little humor I was reading a thread here that said to disconnect the neg battery cable for 15 minutes to reset who knows what (actually something else that was in the middle of the pawl thread so I did this for nothing) so there I go to do this and get the cable off, and since it is dark out already I didn't want to leave everything out so.... I closed the trunk :pat:! why is this funny cause it only opens with the key ob or the release button.... since I have a speaker box in my trunk I'm going to hook up a battery charger to the boost thing under the hood and hope it opens up, LOL.
Lastly.... So I go to McD's for lunch today, not my usual eating but we were starving and it was the closest thing....
I'm in the drive through and this guy pulls up, and says he does body work and would like to give me an estimate. I ask for a business card he says just to pull over after I get my food.
skeptical but there was a police car in the parking lot so okay.
Well, he says something about doing metal work, and sanding , and finishing and it'll only be $320.
So before I say yes or no, he says he will give me a sample of his work, well this other guys pops out of the truck punches a hole in my fender with a point crew driver thing and uses a dent puller to take ALL of the dents the drunk neighbor had put in it this week end! i'm of course horrified at the holes he just put in my fender but then he whips out the bondo filler and fills those in too. Less than 10 minutes of work and the fender looks like new (except the bondo) he tells me all I have to do now is sand and finish the work and have it painted!
I'm like wow! o he looks at me and ask if he should follow me to the ATM! I'm like "for what?! You said you were showing me a sample of the work you guys do, I thought you were stopping at the first dent you pulled out but you just did the whole thing."
Well he tries to "negotiate" for payment ask if I would give him $200 or borrow the money. i told him I had $20 bucks on me, he asked if I could meet him after work, I'm cuss him out a little and tell him that I never agreed to any work he just did it on his own, and I had $20 or nothing at all... he asked if I could go $80, I repeated I had $20, well, he took the $20 and gave me his number said to call him so they can paint it and finish the work... I got back to the salon and tell them what happened, they asked if I had payed the $320 he wanted, and when i told them what all had happened they laughed and said it was a scam these guys have been pulling in the area, they fix the dents, and take payment giving you a number to call to finish the work by painting the car, because the "major work" has already been done... (that is exactly what he said too)... they cheated one of the girls at the shop already, but I figured this time it made up for it, the fender looks like new (could use some sanding/and paint of course) and th body work is done... I'll have a friend paint it... All for $20... whoo-hoo....

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Ok then!

Sure is an interesting part of the world you live in... I'm staying where I am at.. At least it's quiet enough around here, that I can listen to the voices in my head. :)
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