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22's And Eibach Lowering Springs?

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Does anyone know if you can lower the car with 22's on it? I only want to put springs on the front because of the extensive weight in the trunk from the system, the rear already looks lowered. Please let me know...
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anyone have problems with tire touch fenders on dips in highways. I have 265/35/22. It seems that tire touches the fenders when there are imperfections in the highway. I have 1.6 drop
300Con23s said:
I think 22x9's have more rubbing problems then the 22x9.5's. Thats what ive been told by a local shop here. He told me the tire expands more on 22x9 rims. Do you have 22x9's?
I think I have 22x9.5. Which size tire do you have?
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