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22's And Eibach Lowering Springs?

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Does anyone know if you can lower the car with 22's on it? I only want to put springs on the front because of the extensive weight in the trunk from the system, the rear already looks lowered. Please let me know...
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It'll work....I have 2" Eibach springs on my C BUT....You will have to modify the inside edge of the wheel well. I think it looks great with 22's and lowered a couple of inches. Good luck!


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Thank you....Like I said up above..the inside fender edge needs to be rolled back ...but once it's done..mmmmm IMO, it looks the best. Good luck on the quest for the 22's!
I had to roll the inside edge of the fender well because in slow hard turns the body of the car would lean over on the outside edge. The tire kept bending the outside edge of the fender. It never cut the tire...just barely bent the fender. There are a couple of options...1. find stiffer front springs 2.replace or install an aftermarket sway bar.
I know I have done alot of work, but so far I have not seen another like mine!
1 - 3 of 15 Posts
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