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275/40/20 Fit !

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I was at a dealer today to droping of my car for sirus installation today and they had two cars with 20'' rims wearing 275/40/20 Dunlops. They cleared the arm and nut on the front and filled in nicely ! The wheel and tire vender happened to be there at the time and said he had no rubbing issues with that combination ? Anybody have any experience to add to this ?

Oh yea......... the dealer had the normal "Stick It To Ya" price of $4500 for the combo. The guy told me $2000 at his shop.
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Michael where are you at! I need to see that guy about my rims! I just went to a shop and the guy couldn't believe that the c could fit a 275/40/20 tire. Please give me a name and number if only for reference. BTW what rim was on the car .
FWIW, at a user has also fitted 275/40/20s.
I didn't get the Sirus radio. Do you still get the free years subscription if the dealer installs? And what does dealer charge for install?

Oh my good i dont belive it. Ive been worried about my 245/40/20 rubbing and some one have 275.40.20 on. I got to see that. What size spacers and what off set must these wheels have to put that big a tire on there. I bet the ride is nice.
I put 245/40/20s on my ride today and can see that there is still room left for larger rubber.

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I was looking at the gap today. Its mostly noticable on the rear wheels. The fronts look good. i was next to a Mag C today and the rear gap looks about the same on both. Im thinking of putting bigger ones on the back, but that will mess up the speedo and the trans.
Lets see thous new shoes of ours TB.
I was at the Chrysler dealer in Riverside Calif.

I had seen this tire size listed on as the size they recommend in their 20" wheel packages but had been told somewhere in this forum that it wouldn't fit. But I saw it with my own eyes on two cars. They had a Magnum with 265/35/22 on display also.
Can't remember what rims they were using , too busy checking the tire clearance in relation to that arm and nut on the front suspension !
I live in Highland Ca., Purchased my car in SanDiego , 120 miles away and ordered the Sirius radio down there with install included for $400. They shipped the parts to me to have a dealer install closer to my home and send them the install bill.

The wheel shop said he doesn't use or recommend spacers on this car. Stick with rims that fit he said.
I left his card in my car at the dealer. I'll pick it up tomorrow and post his #. You might be able to get this info by calling as they also recommend this tire setup.

I'm going to drive one of these cars when I go back to pickup mine, and report on my impression of the ride.
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The Shop that put the tire packages on the Dodge and Chryslers in the Riverside CA. Auto Mall is.

Dave's Hot Wheels 1-800 Daves wheels.

After doing so many cars in the dealers inventory, they have good knowledge of what rim,width, offset, and tire size will fit this car.
I stopped by his shop and he was ready to deliver a 300 to the dealer with Velocity 627 wheels and Toyo 255/45/20's. The Toyo, IMHO, had a more car looking tread than the Dunlop 275/40/20. It's a personal taste ! Some may like the wider more aggressive tread design of the Dunlop.
With both cars side by side the visual clearance was the same. Both Had a nice stance and filled the wheel wells.

Didn't have time to drive today mabey next week ?

Here are some 275/40/20 pics.


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Hey joey
That second picture look like the stock 18" and the wheel well on the 300 ! What is it ?
Michael said:
Hey joey
That second picture look like the stock 18" and the wheel well on the 300 ! What is it ?
Not sure where I got that pic, but I think that pic is the original concept car which and 20's.
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