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G'day guys,

I'm needing to upgrade my tyres from the standard 245/45x20's that are currently on there.

Going through a couple options to use on the standard SRT8 20x9 wheels.

Option One:

Front - 255/45x20
Rear - 275/40x20

Option two -

275/40x20 all around

Has anyone fitted 275/40x20's on the front of their standard 2nd gen SRT8?

Are there any scrubbing issues with steering or fender clearance?

Do IO need to lip the fenders on the front if I want to run this size?

Thank you in advance.

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I know you are asking about the 2nd gen SRT8 models but a lot of us have or have had 275/40/20 all the way around on the stock 20x9 wheels with no issues at stock height.

I would imagine that the 2nd gen models are not that much different when it comes to height so you should be fine going with 275/40/20 all the way around.
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