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Hi all,

I've got a 2nd gen SRT8 in the UK, I own a 1st gen as well as 3 x GC SRT8 so I know the engine fairly well and have done maybe half a million miles in them total over last 10 years.

I've got a bit of a noise issue above 5k rpm - if I'm at WOT or hold the revs in lower gears, I get a noise like crinkled paper being blown by a fan. It 'spools' up and down if I back off then accelerate again.If I'm not WOT I don't hear it.

I've checked the air filter ( K&N) and the throttle body.

The only thing different about this to my other 6.4 cars is the active exhaust. Anyone got any specsa about the valves opening / closing? If it's about 4.5k rpm that would tie in.

I've got a Witech sub and wipod - anyone know where I find the actuators to check if they're working? I'd expect an error code unless it's something caught in the valves themselves.

Chrysler exited the UK market and this is an aussie import so I'm kinda on my own. Jeep franchise are helpful and can do most work needed but5 they've never seen one of these before mine rolled in.

Thanks for any pointers....

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