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Another review but with some interesting stats on ownership profiles. Does it describe you?

Chrysler 300C Saloon 3.0 V6 CRD SRT-Design | Road Test Review | MotorBar

makes for interesting reading. Would say that the review is generally spot on. It's not derogatory but does point out the small failings. In the end you have to consider value for money which I think I've achieved. Have to admit that I personally don't find the interior too garish. Yes, it would be nicer in a darker shade but for me, it's fine as it is. There's no complaints from me about the car or the quality that I feel I have bought. The standard Sat Nav is not that good and certainly not 1800 quid's worth but I got mine thrown in for nowt so again, no complaints there.

No big ego to massage here (just a big tummy:24: ) It never ceases to raise the smile on my face when you get people just staring. There's not an over-abundance of them on the road and I still love the torquey power delivery. It's certainly not the fastest or most fuel efficient car on the road. It's very much a look at me car but that because the styling is (in my humble opinion) still very fresh. Agressively male but with severe up-market kerb appeal.

I like my car. I'm very happy with it.
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