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300 SRT-8 in Germany!

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Hi everyone, I have been following the forum eagerly for months, and getting great laughs from you all, you've helped me bear the wait... well here goes, I am with the US forces in Germany, and I just got word that my SS srt-8 (I hear only the 2nd one in Europe) is in Baltimore about to be shipped.... yeeha hello autobahn with the beast. I noe drive a Wetterauer teaked Audi A6 biturbo, and I sure hope it will be dwarfed by the 425hp... Should be another month at the most :banana: will invite anyone traveling to Europe for a spin....
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Wow, Congrats!! What a great place to really enjoy the SRT8 as a daily driver!! Be safe over there and enjoy your ride when it arrives. :)
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