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300 SRT-8 in Germany!

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Hi everyone, I have been following the forum eagerly for months, and getting great laughs from you all, you've helped me bear the wait... well here goes, I am with the US forces in Germany, and I just got word that my SS srt-8 (I hear only the 2nd one in Europe) is in Baltimore about to be shipped.... yeeha hello autobahn with the beast. I noe drive a Wetterauer teaked Audi A6 biturbo, and I sure hope it will be dwarfed by the 425hp... Should be another month at the most :banana: will invite anyone traveling to Europe for a spin....
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Fully expect a crowd of SRT-4s to be all around you:) Good buncha guys over there, fully expect them to want to see the car close up. So when you d get approached, dont be surprised:) They also have a good buddy whos a german Chrysler mechanic, his names Manni, good guy whos a super gearhead and loves SRT stuff.

Of course, on the 'bahn, you'll outrun them.
And of course, you should get a camera and a GPS to make some top speed runs, if you want to go that fast. I know some folks dont :biggrin:
Why the camera and GPS? Becuase of course folks will call you all sorts of names if you dont have proof. We'll trust you of course, but you have no idea how fast this kind of thing spreads.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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