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300C airbag module light

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I have had continual problems with the driver's airbag module. First, module problem identified and told 2 week wait a good distance from home, had me sign a waiver airbag not functional, returned to my dealer, who replaced the module. Happened again, clock timer replaced. On and off again. Any suggestions?
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"Da Cousins", I appreciate the welcome, sounds as if we could be piasans.

Got my 300C last July and love it despite the time it has spent out of commission. Am currently in arbitration regarding a buy back or replacement, but have learned mucho information on this site. I have my doubts as to amiable resolution, but am determined to stick with it and Oh my God, the district person just called to meet with me. You guys bring me luck. ;)

Anxious for any insight which might be offered.
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