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300C AWD owners...please help

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My boss has a new 300C AWD...loves it. He is used to German cars and he compares this one favorably. However, he is really bummed about the gas mileage. He is getting 18 mpg, and he is mostly on the freeway.

What are your numbers? I think that he should be doing better...

Please let me know. Thanks.
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Almost 900 miles and I'm getting 19 mpg in the city in the 300C. No complaints as I get 9 mpg with my Ram SRT-10 and 5 mpg in my Belvedere, all city driving.
ChromeTailfins said:
Off-Topic but that picture in your avatar is hizzot. Do you have a larger version of it? Here, I'll share first:
From one Belvedere owner to another, thanks for the compliment. You have a very cool collection of cars there. And, your Belvedere is red too!

Here's the picture:


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1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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