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300C AWD owners...please help

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My boss has a new 300C AWD...loves it. He is used to German cars and he compares this one favorably. However, he is really bummed about the gas mileage. He is getting 18 mpg, and he is mostly on the freeway.

What are your numbers? I think that he should be doing better...

Please let me know. Thanks.
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My AWD only gets around 19 or 20 full interstate driving, no in town whatsover. That's running 75-80mph. If I slow down to 70 or so it will get up to about 22 if I'm lucky. I'm really dissappointed in the mileage myself. I've seen quite a few non AWD owners claim high 20's, I wouldn't think mine should be that much lower when on the window sticker it is rated 24 vs. a C at 25mpg. It's pretty sad when my Yukon Denali XL AWD will get better mileage than my 300 which is supposed to be so great with the MDS and all that other crap. Hell, my old '88 Iroc Z all juiced to the nuts (170mph, verified) would get 26mpg, and that's with 17 yr old technology compared to today!

I have about 4,500 miles on my C. Hasn't gotten any better than the day I brought it home. Hopefully it will at some point.

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