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300C AWD Problem

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I have a 300C with AWD and the car now has about 12,000 miles on it. Just recently I am hearing / feeling a rumbling from the drive system when I turn at slow speeds under 10 mph, turning into parking spaces, driveways etc...

I took it to my dealer and they told me this is a normal for the AWD and is just breaking in? The car did not do this when it was new and I'm questioning what the dealer is telling me since the noise and the feeling from the car just does not seem correct to me. And usually breaking in periods are when the car is new not after 12000 miles.

I have nerver had any other [font=&quot]vehicle[/font] with AWD before so I don't now what would be normal.

Does anyone know about the AWD? I'm considering taking it to another dealership to see if I get the same answer, any suggestions would be helpful.
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I believe there's a TSB regarding this problem.

10/08/05 … 0506 .. #21-019-05 …. Transfer Case Shudder (AWD vehicles) .. (3M)

Thanks for the info but I'm sorry I don't really know what a TSB is? Can you provide more info. Appreciate all the help.
nhsteve said:
I hope yopu have better luck than i did on your transfer case problem. Mine acted up at 19,000 miles after the car sat for 4 days., grinding and shuddering at low speed. I brought it to the dealer to here Oh we could not duplicate it, even after i suggested they look at the TSB for this issue. they said they did and flashed the computer to fix it. I let them know I was not happy and drove the car off making the noise and shuddering. It has gone away for now and i believe they either changed the fluid and did not bother to tell me or now that I am driving it more it has lossened up. I will find out for sure when i go on vaca in two weeks and the car will again sit for 5 day.

I can say one thing i am really disappointed in the way service treats the cusomers.
I had taken my car back to my dealer earlier this week. Since the first time to have the dealer look at this problem it has gotten worse. Along the rumbling when turning slowly it also started to have thud type noise/feeling from the rear as the car stops. They are going to replace the rear differentials; the parts are on order which they said will take about a week. They said this should fix the thud noise as well as the rumbling.
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