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300C AWD Wheel & Tire Opinions

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Hi 300 owners,

I'm new to forum and have been trying to catch up on reading all the great posts.

I'm expecting delivery of my 300C AWD in the next couple of weeks and want to change out the wheels and tires right away. It looks like I'm limited in my wheel choice because of the specific AWD wheel Backside Spacing and Offset.

I'm leaning hard towards the TIS 02 wheels (20 x 7.5) but don't have a clue as to what tire size will work with these wheels.


Jim in Reno
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Still have trouble with tire size?

300cp said:
tis 07 22's my first choice for my awd
If you are having trouble trying to work out which tires you will need to put on so as to keep you speedometer reading correct, you can look up the formula for work out tyre overall height in the tire info pages at
They're pretty clever those kiwi's in new zealand.
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