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Hi everyone
New to forums and 300c owning but it seems I need your help.....desperately
Bear in mind I’m a Rolls-Royce engineer I simply can’t get my head around a problem I follows
My car is a 2007 300c CRD which I have purchased from my brother on Thursday following his ownership from new.
I was cleaning it on the evening and flattened the battery due to interior lights being on.
I jump started it but it only ran for few seconds and stalled (immobiliser out of sync maybe)
I then removed the battery and charged it over night,fitted it the next day and everything is ok except no crank.
I’ve done the following
Checked all fuses and relays
I’ve had the two keys checked they are still ok
I’ve changed batteries and checked solder even though I know that’s not related to the immobiliser.
I’ve put another battery on car
I’ve established that if I supply the negative that comes from the immobiliser to all start/crank the car cranks but won’t fire.
I’m pretty sure it’s immobiliser issues as the security light stays on but I don’t know how to access it.
I’ve plugged my eobd in but no faults.
I’ve disconnected the front bumper sensors and that didn’t help either.
Oh also worth mentioning every say 10th time I get a slight crank for around a second and then it stops and nothing again.
Please help if you can.
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