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300C diecast

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I am an avid collector of 1/18 diecast vehicles. I am hoping that they do manufacture some scale of 300C diecast. the 2005 version I mean, ertl has a 1957 version. I wish Jada would make a "Big Baller" edition. One with 20's and tight interior. If anyone else wants to see a diecast contact the diecast manufacturers and chrysler and tell them you would like to see some replicas. That way when we are at work we can justify all the headaches with a loving glance at our beautiful rides. have a good day all.
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I'm sure Maisto is probably making a 300C model.
Don't count on it. We are still waiting for a diecast of the 300M and unless it has happened in the last while there is no such thing. You can get a radio controlled model, but that is all.
Word is that Hot Wheels is launching something called Dropstars - and yes a 300C on 22's is one of their first launches!
YES! I will have to get one in every color!
from the news section:

Sneak Peak! Maisto Playerz 1/24 Chrysler:

Due early February! 1/24 Jada Toys 300c with Suicide Doors:

Quote from jadatoys page:

2.1.05 Jada Toys launches custom reverse opening door 300C 1:1 scale project car and diecast at North American International Auto Show! 300C wins car of the year from the highest echelon of Automotive press corps and media community.

Jada Toys 300C, the only diecast on the market with custom reverse opening doors, in 1:24 scale will be available early February at mass and hobby retailers nationwide, 1:18 and 1:64 coming soon.
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ERTL is a plastic car, NOT die cast. :rolleyes:

Why oh why do they think that all of us want a "DUB"? Jeeeez, I have the DC die cast and would maybe buy a good (read that as better) model, plastic or die cast if available.
I just want a model of a normal 300. Thats it, no aftermarket stuff like grilles and rims.
Taha24 said:
I just want a model of a normal 300. Thats it, no aftermarket stuff like grilles and rims.
No crap. :mad:
e-mailed maisto 1-17-05 Charles Hepperle customer service e-mailed me back
They will be making the "STOCK VERSION" 300C in 1:18 scale part #31120. The first available colors will be Silver, Lava Red, and Brilliant Black. He said chances are they may offer other colors in the future. If you go to click on 1:1...Dub Edition they say BUY NOW Hope this helps.
DCX Version

From the Chrysler website to my kitchen table - a fair rendition of the 300C in "diecast". (Have seen better - but it was only $10).


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Hay Redman
Who makes that?
Well I would buy any version I could get. The DC web site does not do business outside North American.

I plan to be in the US in April so I'll be on the look out. Anyone know of any retailers in San Deigo, Phoenix, Las Vegas or any points in between?
Best Yet

Scarbrs said:
Hay Redman
Who makes that?
Nobody special - New Ray - from, surprise, China.
No where near the "fit & finish" of say, a Maisto model, but hey, it was only $10. You'll have to go the accessories section of the DCX website, or else find it on the web - somebody else MUST be making these things.
hey guys you can find more pictures of the maitso dub edition at this forum link
I all reddy got one of my own and its about three inches long tops in a brilliant black but as far as a stock edition iam with you guys i would like to see my car as a toy with out the crap ..... for now :)
New Ray

New Ray isn't really know for Cars. The mostly do Motor Cycles. I got a few of there 1/6th scale bikes for my Gi-joes.

I picd up a few of the Maisto cars i painted one DLR to macth my car and the Hotwheels one's ive done.
Yea there very Bling but that ok its still a 300.
Walmart sells them. Dont know who makes it but so once acouple of weeks ago. Looks the same as the one the guy just posted above.
Here's what's available now.
Tanahara_Design's 300c by Jada Toys

Also available in Black or 2 tone Blue
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Coming Soon

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