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Hello everyone . I'm a new member here, Bulgarian citizenship (sorry for my writhen English ..))) based in the UK but with a monstrous love for US cars ......

I have a 300c srt design (my project) with upgraded suspension .BC racing coillovers All suspension bushes are replaced with SuperPro poly (uggly recommended if anyone think to start a new project) Also EBC turbo groved brakes + red pads ( standard brake calipers )
Im very satisfied from all results at the moment ,the car is so much diferend and so stable. There is only one problem on the rear suspension .i can not find better lower control arms (pan arm) .Across internet markets poping up only standard control arms with that stupid bush/bearing end . it`ss very weak point when all suspension is polybushed and coilovers are harder then standard ! . I will be very thanksful if someone know where to find something better ? No matter racing ,costom ,or tubular made arms i just want to fit a stronger arms with poly bush/bearing ends different then the OEM . I`ve seen a lot of custom adjustable arms from Megan Racing for Japanese cars and many more other brands but nothing for 300c yet. I`m doing all manual jobs by myself,not usihg any garage mechanics so happy to help or answer questions when i have a spare time.
You may start thinking I`m mad becouse is not SRT8 is 3.0 CRD (mercedes engine ) ...wish to be srt8 but i in daly use giving me a great fuel economy with sport stability control and comfort at the same time. Also I can publish some pictures if somone interested how the vehicle looks like but the main reason to post this is to find if possible rear suspension performed lower control arms .Thank you
Once again sorry about my english ......
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