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300C on order as of last Tuesday!

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Hi there! I just discovered these forums after hanging out on the Car and Driver forums for a while. Nice to see a dedicated 300C forum! Anyway, thought I'd share my story.

I always thought I would buy nothing but BMW (currently driving a 110k mile 92 325i manual), and I always figured my next car would be an M3. But I've had my eye on the 300 ever since I first saw it in the car magazines. I always liked the styling and the concept; big engine, RWD, supposedly first-rate quality (ala Mercedes), and inexpensive. The only problem was the lack of a manual trans.

So anyway, I went on vacation to Hawaii, and as I'm heading towards the rental car office, I noticed a few 300's in the lot. I pointed them out to my wife and said "I hope we get one of those!" She said "yeah right..." To my surprise, we got one by default! I didn't even have to ask! I instantly loved it. It was a Limited with the bigger V6, leather, and plenty of options. Anyway, we tooled around in it in Hawaii for a while and I just grew to love it more and more. It handled pretty well and was VERY smooth over bumps. I was really surprised at the quality feeling of the car. The interior switchgear felt a lot like my boss's '99 AMG C43. Much higher quality than anything else I've ever driven besides the Mercedes. I was really surprised by this, especially given that it's an American car.

I decided to get one as soon as we got back to the mainland. I figured I would get the 300C, since you can never have too much power, right? Since this is my first new-car purchase, I figured I would only get exactly the car that I want. 300C, black on black (or dark gray, in the case of the 300C), with only the stereo upgrade option. I didn't want to pay extra for a bunch of options that I would never use, like the Nav system.

I live in the Bay Area, so I have lots of dealers to choose from. I called around and NOBODY had a black 300C! Forget about options, I couldn't even find one in my color. I asked all of the dealers to call me as soon as they got a black one in stock, but they said that they would charge a $1k to $10k premium for the car. Yes, you heard that right, up to $10k over sticker for the car! So I went to my local dealer and he said the best thing to do is just order it, and wait 6-10 weeks. He would charge me sticker, nothing more, nothing less. So that's what I did.

I now have a black on black 300C with only the stereo upgrade on order. Should be here in 6-10 weeks as of last Tuesday. My dealer said that mine should go faster because I didn't order the sunroof. He said the sunroof option is holding up many of his orders, and that mine might actually come through in 6 weeks.

Anyway, just thought I'd share. I can't wait!

PS I have a couple of questions about the car. As I mentioned, I'm getting the Sound Group II upgrade. How is the subwoofer? How does it sound? Is it just a big box in the trunk, or is it integrated into the car somehow? Also, with Sound Group II and no Nav, will I get the LCD display screen in the dash, or just the regular display like on the base-level stereo?

PPS Here's a little Photoshop I did on the 300C wallpaper. Looks a lot better, IMO!

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Great to hear you place an order! That's my plan later this year to get exactly the car I want. Did you dealer mention the July shutdown of the plant? How will that impact your order?
can someone do a photoshop with ground effects spoiler wide tires and painted calipers
I haven't heard anything about a July shutdown of the plant. I searched these forums and didn't come up with anything either. Do you have a reliable source for this information?

The plant is shut down this week. It will be up and running next week. Check out the forum for the workers who make the car at, they discuss it there.
my 300c ordered on 8 May just went D status on 6 Jul. I hope to pick it up befor end of August.
Dealer said something about production would be limited to 80000 vehicles this year, and have already sold or ordered almost 70000. What happens to the guy who walks in later this year and tries to order number 80001? How long will he have to wait?

Satin Jade
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