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300C Speakers

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Does anyone know the sizes of each speakers in the 300C. I have the sound package and am thinking about getting a more powerful amp and changing the speakers (don't ask why). I'm looking to find out sizes for each of the speakers.
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The eight speaker system features eight speakers in eight locations. One 16.5 centimeter (6 X 9 inch) diameter speaker is located in each front door. One 15.2 X 23 centimeter (6 X 9 inch) diameter speaker located on each side of the rear shelf. A subwoofer is located on the rear shelf (sedan only) Two 8.9 centimeter (3.5 inch) speakers are located on the top portion of the instrument panel. This speaker system also includes an amplifier. The total available power of the speaker system is 380 watts.
ummmm 2 console... 2 front doors.. 2 rear deck +1 subwoofer.. that's 7 spkrs not "8", eh? isn't there another big (6x9) on the top middle of the dash? I seem to remember a perforated hole there from the test drive
300C speakers

There are 3 speakers in the front dash is the middle one also a 3.5?
sounds to me like it's beggin for a set of 4 6.5 inch Focals, maybe 600w diamond amp with a single 12 diamond sub, and a 1000w diamond amp on that.... 6x9's up front? ewww. I'd consider leaving em in the back. Just as soon shut down the ones in the dashboard and mount the separates from the 6.5 focals up near the side mirrors. Wonder if anyone has a wiring diagram out on these yet...
Does this mean that the 7 speakers are 40 watts and the sub woofer 100watts =380watts?
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